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Being a girl is hard

March 15, 2013

Call me Captain Obvious, but I really have only recently realised that being a girl is bloody hard work.


I’m not even referring to anything¬†to do with periods, childbirth, body image or wage inequality. Na. Forget all the bleeding and hormones and cushiony bits of our bodies and the fact that we still live in a world where a female CEO gives us an involuntary jab of the warm and fuzzies because one of our kind has been ‘given a chance’.

Actually, my issue with being a girl is trying to bloody look like one.



Rihanna’s dress is scary, however you look at it

June 18, 2009


Ok.¬† If you look at the big, angry gorilla’s mouth for long enough, it starts to look as though she has a big, gory, gaping wound in her stomach.

You know, a bit like that scene from Death Becomes Her:


So, either way you look at it- big, screaming monkey or big, gory hole – it’s not really the best look.