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Did things get really crap, or did I just get old?

June 3, 2013


I had a rather epic gym session this morning. And I’m not talking about the usual brand of epic. In case you’re wondering what that is, it basically involves:

a) Making it through the door (doesn’t matter how little exercise I do once there, you definitely lose weight just from “going” to the gym, right?)

b) And staying for more than 20 minutes without:

i) falling off treadmill

ii) having internal meltdown at sight of lycra-clad 100 pound nymphettes



Sienna Miller publicly shits over the lovable guy

June 19, 2008

Sienna Miller has done the unthinkable.  She publicly humiliated Rhys Ifans!  The actress, who is better known for her love-life than for her film roles, dumped the lovable Welsh funnyman over the phone barely a minute after declaring her love for him during an interview.

She even talked about getting engaged, but now she’s claiming that her and Rhys “weren’t even that serious” and has already been seen ‘canoodling’ with her latest co-star Matthew Rhys.

Ok, Sienna, let’s sit down and have a little girl talk.  You shit all over a man, fair enough.  I won’t argue with you for that.  After all, after that whole messy Jude Law thing, you’re probably out to have your revenge on the whole of mankind… 

Dawww. Come here Rhys, I won’t hurt you.

But do not fuck with Rhys Ifans!  Everyone loves Rhys Ifans!  Well I do.  I thought he was brilliant in Notting Hill, was weirded out by how much I fancied him in Little Nicky, and you know what, I even really liked him in that Oasis video.

So there’s probably something you should know about your blogger.  I love “weird” men.  Any guy who stands out, makes me laugh and looks a bit funny instantly gets my interest.  If you could see my boyfriend you’d know what I mean.  Oops.  Sorry dear.  Ah well, at least I’ll now know whether he really reads this. 

He got her smiling, but it obviously wasn’t enough.

But really, if a man can make you laugh, that’s a good guy right there, right?  And he clearly did make her laugh judging by photos of them together.  So Sienna, please just shut your pietrap and go open your legs to the next one discreetly please, and stop telling the press about how he was possessive.   If he was jealous, it’s no wonder, going by your case history.

The funny thing is, this morning I saw a picture of Sienna with Keira Knightley on the front of a newspaper and decided I liked her, because where Keira was doing that idiotic “I’m one of the beautiful people” pout, Sienna was broadly grinning, like a normal person.  She spoiled the one positive thought I’ve had about a famous person all year, damn her!

Ah well, at least I know she won’t get away with hurting Rhys.  His best buddy Kate Moss, who was wary of Sienna from the beginning, is so going to scratch her eyes out.