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BNTM: So who got signed?

August 8, 2008

Looking at my blog stats I can see that you lot are still salivating over BNTM, even though it ended weeks ago.  Saddos.  Yeah ok, me too.  So I did a little research and found out that even though Alex won her Models 1 contract, they decided to take on Rachael as well!

Although irritating, Rachael was a favourite to win for quite a large chunk of the show, so I’m not that surprised she also got a contract.  She looks alright, although the black boxes around her eyes are a bit weird.  That’s fashion for you.  Here are a couple of Alex’s Model 1 portfolio pictures:

She looks a bit worryingly skinny in that last one.  A size six, she once said in an interview that she thought size zero was a good look because clothes look better on tiny models.  Hmm, I can totally imagine her being one of those girls that orders a salad with no dressing at a restaurant, picks at a lettuce leaf, drinks a load of water and then leaves.

I also know that Leanne is signed to another agency because I looked at the pics a couple of weeks ago… but I cannot for the life of me find them online anymore.  They were hot though (Leanne if you by any chance still read this, give me the link to your portfolio so I can share a couple on here??).

I haven’t found any evidence of Martha, Charlotte or Catherine being signed which is a surprise (again, Leanne, any help there?) but I’m sure all the girls have projects going on. 

I’m surprised Stef hasn’t got her funbags out for Zoo yet though!


BNTM’s Leanne speaks to Car Crash Culture – and she’s moving in with Alex!

July 10, 2008

Leanne, left, on her first shoot of BNTM, with runner-up Catherine. 

Yes, you read the title right, Leanne Nagle spoke to yours truly!  I managed to contact my favourite BNTM contestant by using my elite list of contacts and winning personality.  Or, you know, I stalked her a bit.  Whichever way you want to look at it.

But anyway, Leanne – who, by the way, is one of the sweetest, most down to earth models I’ve ever spoken to – gave me some dirt about her future plans and how she feels about BNTM winner Alex.

Well it turns out that Leanne and Alex are good mates and are moving in together soon. She says: “Ali was my best friend in the house … she is such a lovely girl. The editing of her is awful at times which doesn’t help her at all. We are moving to London in September together!”

When I asked her what she’s doing now, the stunning redhead told me she’s working on a new drama series called New Me TV.

She says: “There’s girls all over competing for the new cover girl – that’s what the series is about. I’m really excited about it! I’m working behind the scenes as well with the girls and for most of them it’s their first time acting on film.”

When I ask her whether being on BNTM changed her life she says: “It changed my way of life but my perception of life hasn’t changed – I still run to Mummy when i need a cuddle and go in our crappy little summer house for fags and tea!”

A girl after our own hearts.  Good luck Leanne!

Alex wins BNTM. Yawn.

July 8, 2008

Alexandra Evans has won Britain’s Next Top Model 4.

Because I already knew that Ally was the winner of BNTM, I watched the final last night with a determination to find at least one thing I liked about her.  And it was hard.  She’s still a slack-jawed little grump.  However, her school yard bully act was hard to keep up without many other girls around – Rachael’s departure seemed to eliminate all bitching – so we saw her more vulnerable side. 

She did seem genuinely over the moon when she won, which was nice, considering she had the enthusiasm of an OAP at a heavy metal concert throughout most of the series (acting challange anyone?).

They didn’t sexualise Stef’s curvy frame at all did
they? *rolls eyes*

I couldn’t believe they got rid of Stef before Catherine.  Yes, Catherine is taller, thinner and generally more model-like, but Stef’s fake-bake picture was by far the better of the two.  Despite the stylist trying to dress her in a stripper costume again (I saw definite areola) she pulled it off.  Her body, her face, everything was smouldering even though she was bricking it over the big hairy tarantula on her shoulder. 

Oh and what a surprise Ally got the least scary creature to pose with – what would you choose out of a spider, a snake, or a slightly cute looking iguana?  Yeah, me too.

I genuinely thought Catherine’s picture was bad.  The tan didn’t suit her and while her body looked great with the snake, her face looked plain, as usual.  I just can’t totally categorise Catherine as a model, facially.  It’s true there’s something very infectious about her smile and eyes and I would probably chop off a limb for her skin, but i can’t get past the witchy-poo chin, nose and thin lips.

Good. Until you zoom in on the face.

And the same goes for Ally.  While she is undeniably a good-looking girl, this only really comes out in about half of her photos.  When you watch her in person there’s something quite plain and boyish about her.  You would think a 5’7 girl would need an absolutely perfect face to pull off being what is meant to be the ‘next big thing’ in the UK’s fashion industry.  But then none of the girls in this competiton were going to be the next Agyness Deyn and isn’t perfection boring anyway?

Well, as much as most of the girls riled me and Lisa Snowdon is on my shit-list for being really bad at hiding who she chose as the winner from halfway through the series, I enjoyed watching it. 

I’ll be interested to see how many of the finalists we’ll see around now.  Whereas I’m sure we’ll see the likes of Stef and Rachael on the arms of Z-list celeb boyfriends, I’m not expecting to see them in a series of big brand campaigns. 

So, dear readers who did you want to see win BNTM?  Personally I thought Leanne was a stunner who was also very likeable.  Proof that good looks doesn’t automatically make you a prat.

Britain’s Missing Top Model: WTF?

July 4, 2008

BBC3 have started another Top Model program, featuring disabled girls.  Lovely idea, but watching the first episode as I speak, I am not convinced.  Yeah they’re showing that girls can be sexy even if missing a limb – (who disputed that in the first place?) but… but but but.

I’m really sorry but some of these girls are just plain! They couldn’t find prettier disabled girls than this?:


Oh.  I really do feel like a black-hearted bitch now.  I’m sorry stripey tights girl.  Really, I’m not saying she’s ugly… but a model?  Really?

Basically, there are three girls in this competition who are pretty, and only one that looks like a model (Jenny- Gwyneth Paltrow’s clone), and she isn’t even British and has modelled before! I smell bullshit!  Saying that I thought most of the BNTM girls were dogs at first, but eventually the notion that they’re good-looking was forced down my throat enough to actually make me agree in the end.

Anyway, I’ll keep watching.  It’s quite humbling to see them deal with their separate disabilities.  They may not have the looks of the girls on BNTM but they seem much nicer and down to earth. 

But of course I’m secretly hoping they’ll start beating one another round the head with their artificial limbs and stuff.  Oh, oh wait, one’s started crying and another’s giving her the evils for attention seeking.  Yes, my lovelies… this is what your adoring public are waiting for… bitch!  BITCH!!!

Yeah, I’m kinda evil.

BNTM: Rachael goes, blatant favourtism ensues

July 2, 2008

Bye bye Rachael.

So, “fake fake fake” Rachael was finally shown the door.  What I don’t understand however is that if Jerry has the ‘intuition’ to see through Rachael’s facade, why on earth doesn’t he or any of the other judges see that Ally is a horrible, contemptous little brat? 

Why must Lisa so blatantly favour certain contestants over the others? Honestly, Ally could turn around during one of the photo shoots, lift up her skirt and moon her bare arse at the camera, and Lisa would still say: “Oooh. That picture gives me goosebumps. So fierce!” I can’t believe she didn’t even mention the fact that Ally snivelled: “I don’t want to do it!” during the challenge. If any girl said that on America’s next Top Model, Tyra would throw her out the window.

Ally: horrible, miserable person.

Lisa also raved on about Catherine’s picture, again, even though she looked like Batfink, again.  Catherine has got the most amazing skin and hair, but is anyone actually looking at her face? Obviously not.

Catherine: Meh.

I did feel a bit sorry for Rachael though.  It definately was not a good episode for her all round really.   She looked hungover throughout and knew she’d lost it the moment her picture was critiqued and just completely lost it.  Those tears definately were not fake, for once.  

I did have to laugh during the challenge when she was doing an OTT dance of glee at the prospect of abseiling and Ally was seen skulking in the background, her permanent snarl etched on her face.  What a moment of comparison of two people so different, yet both so irritating.

Stef: Sizzling and sexy. Still a bit annoying.

The only person I haven’t mentioned yet is Stef.  Has anyone else noticed how she gives the amateur dramatics performance of the century when reading out Lisa mail?  But anyway, I have to admit I totally almost turned lesbian for her during her shoot.  Even Catherine had to admit that she rocked it, and she did.


The BNTM bitch-fest commences!

June 24, 2008

Stef: She’s met her match in her arrogant competitors

Let me tell you a secret.  I already know who wins Britain’s Next Top Model although the series has about three weeks left.  At least, if the forums I have been carelessly browsing through are correct I know who wins.  Don’t worry my lips are sealed.  However, if it is who ‘they’ say it is, I’m surprised.  That’s all I’m saying!

I also knew that there was going to be no elimination this week.  The show’s producer’s know exactly what they’re doing and the relationship between the girls is so scathing it’s a good idea to keep them all in a bit longer to keep ratings up.  The girls are on the brink of stabbing each other’s eyes out with their mascara wands and the heat is reaching boiling point.

 (As this is probably totally boring for non BNTM fans, click the next page for the rest.)

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