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Lourdes is just like any other teenager

July 1, 2010

Well,  okay – the daughter of Madonna isn’t quite your average 13 year old.

For a start, well, Madonna’s her mum.  So if you believe everything you read she was never allowed to watch TV or eat sweets growing up and she’s supposed to be exceptionally clever with a wise-beyond-her-years head for business and fashion.

Oh, and she’s drop-dead-gorgeous.

So, when I heard she’s got her own fashion line and had started up a blog I wondered what on earth this exceptionally savvy young creature with the unconventional upbringing would convey to the world.



Madonna speaks

July 8, 2008

Portrait of Madonna and Guy by Peter Howarth (more
interesting than a photograph of them!)

Her Madgesty has publicly addressed the rumours about her and Guy divorcing and her supposed affair with Alex Rodriguez.  She says:

My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce. I know Alex Rodriguez through Guy Oseary, who manages both of us. I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study. I have learned over the years not to take accusations and the many false reports about me very seriously. I also appreciate how fiction and fact seem to be perceived as one and the same by people who read both newspapers and the internet.

Good for her for not rising to the reports. Now she can concentrate on reaping the benefits of the extra press attention when she goes on tour.

Who knows whether they’re happily married or not?  He does look a bit grumpy with all the media attention most of the time, and she looks like one hard woman to please.  But maybe they… you know… really love each other and stuff?

Madonna and Guy are not getting divorced. For now.

July 1, 2008

So maybe Madonna and Guy are not getting a divorce.  Ritchie’s mum spoke to the media denying the rumours and apparently he’s planning to throw a lavish birthday party for her grand Madgeness in a couple of months. 

Maybe they just need publicity for their next film/tour/album/plan to conquer the world.  You know, because she’s quite poor and needs the money.

And is that a bulge I see?!

Either way the press is going mad speculating about it.  I don’t actually give a damn, I just wish she’d stop thrusting her 50-year-old crotch in our faces all the time.

Seriously, I was totally obsessed with Madonna when I was a teenager.  I wanted to be her.  But now … there’s just something a bit disturbing about a woman licking her lips seductively and wearing a leotard when she’s nearing pensioner age.

Madonna and Guy are divorcing

June 27, 2008
Another one bites the dust

So, the rumours were true after all.  I thought something wasn’t quite right when Madge adopted David Banda and had a family portrait done with her children – but without Guy.

Apparently, she’s got Fiona Shackleton as her lawyer (the lady who represented Paul McCartney and looked a hundred times hotter after Heather Mills chucked a jug of water over her).

From dated to chic: Fiona Shackleton turned into a posh
bit of totty when Heather Mills gave her a soaking.

We could have another messy divorce of Mucca proportions here as there’s allegedly no prenup between Madge and Guy. 

Well, just goes to show, that you can’t have it all. Madonna has a fabulous career, bags of money, good looks and a hot body – yet she couldn’t make her marriage last. 

The same can be said for so many female stars who have a string of failed romances trailing behind them. Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger, Jessica Simpson are just a few who seem doomed to be eternally single!