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Katy Perry’s parents are not happy

August 19, 2008

If there’s one celebrity I’m liking at the moment it’s Katy Perry.  Dear lord, her song is like smack.  I heard it for the first time about a week ago and downloaded it instantly and have played it approximately 12,857362 times since.  When I’m not listening to it, I’m singing it.  I love it.  Plus, how utterly gorgeous is she?  The curvy trim figure.  The milky skin.  Those wide blue eyes.  I’d kiss her myself!

However, Katy’s strict  Evangelical parents are NOT happy about their little girl promoting homosexual behaviour.  Before Katy became well known she sang Christian music.  Then it seemed she developed her own racy identity and left God behind, much to the dismay of Ma and Pa.

Katy’s mother Mrs Hudson (Katy’s real name – she didn’t want to get mixed up with Kate Hudson) said of the number one hit I Kissed a Girl: “We hate it. It promotes homosexuality – which the Bible clearly states is a sin – and it is shameful and disgusting. When it comes on I bow my head and pray.”

Hahaha.  Sorry.  I can actually understand where the parents are coming from.  Of course the song is going to be highly upsetting for them, it goes against everything they taught Katy.  But the image of some middle aged God-fearing woman praying for salvation in the middle of the local supermarket does make me snigger. 

Maybe I’m going to hell as well.  In that case I’ll load up on cherry chapstick in case I bump into Katy down there!

Update: So apparently the quotes from Katy’s mum are completely made up.  Yeah probably by Katy herself!!  It worked, she got the attention. 

Still, I can’t imagine her parents are happy about their daughter singing about kissing girls.  If I was a singer and came out with that song, I’d feel weird knowing my grandma was going to hear it! 

I can imagine how Madonna must have felt back in the 90s when she did that crucifix thing at the show her father went to…