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Just a quickie to say…

July 5, 2008

No blog today because I’m lame and none tomorrow because I’m at a wedding.  I love weddings.  Such a good excuse for a piss-up.  If I never write again, it’ll probably be because I drank too much, did the Time Warp on the head table and fell off and broke my neck or something.  Good times.

Happy 4th of July to any Americans who may read, despite this blog being rather UK orientated.  But actually those Americans like us crazy Brits.  We have the most disgusting celebs after all.  Jade Goody… Kerry Katona… Jodie Marsh. Creme de la creme!  Ugh.  I actually refuse to buy heat this week because Kerry Katona is on the cover.  Why is she relevant? 

Anyway. Keep classy bitches.



A press conference for Angelina’s twins

July 3, 2008

Updated: What next, a press conference when she farts?

I know this blog is light hearted and bitchy, but upon hearing that Angelina Jolie’s doctor is giving a press conference later today, I’m worried.

Celebrities don’t give press conferences to simply announce a birth do they?  Usually it’s just a press statement, on a piece of paper.

I’ve read rumours on the grapevine that one of her twins, a girl, has been monitored throughout the pregnancy because she has a heart condition. This would explain why we haven’t seen much of Angelina recently.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Angelina and her babies are ok.  As I said before, I love this woman.  She’s done so much for children around the world, so it would be tragic if anything were to happen to one of her own.


The press conference was just to say that everything is ok, and Angelina is resting in hospital. 

Now, either Angelina has a doctor who fancied basking in some press attention or she has some serious notions of self grandeur.  I mean yeah, she’s Angelina Jolie, but a whole press conference just to state that?  Lame.

Well… I guess you saw my caring side up there… I… er… the bitching will commence! 

Just a quickie to say…

June 23, 2008

I would like to give a quick celebratory “yay!” at the fact that Car Crash Culture has reached its first milestone.  Every blog I have ever been inspired by gets loads of comments from haters, and behold, CCC has started to get its very own hate comments!  Does this mean I’ve made it?  On the very same day, the average number of page views have more than tripled.  So to all my readers, thank you.

I’m sorry, no celebrity rant today because I don’t blog under the influence. Ok, that’s a lie. But I refuse to write unless I feel strongly enough about something, and this weekend hasn’t seen anything much more than the usual stuff about Amy Winehouse wondering about in her bra on the brink of death. Lord help her. 

Happy Sunday night and I’ll be, as Amy would say, back to black in the week.