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The fragrance of Jodie Marsh

June 21, 2008

Following the revelation that Jade Goody is about to release her second fragrance, I have read reports (well, a one line filler in heat) that Jodie Marsh is planning to bring out a perfume as well. 

Let’s see… what fragrance would best epitomise la Marsh’s rare and natural beauty?  She apparently wants be very involved in making the scent and I’m sure the outcome will enrapture even the most delicate of nasal passages.  But in case Jodie needs some help with the creative process, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list of things that will come together to make a fragrance, that truly is, Marsh (that is so what the perfume should be called).

Here is an illustrated list of ingredients that should appear in Marsh:

1) A musky base of fags to capture Jodie’s husky sensuality:

2) A note of stale semen and unwashed knickers to depict her classy sexuality:

3) An accent of multi-layered fake tan to represent her subtle and exotic beauty.


4) And just the slightest whiff of anesthetic to remind us of how she achieved such wondrous looks in the first place.

I know what you’re thinking… if only your computer screen was scratch n’ sniff so you could really capture the essence of true perfection. Let’s just hope that if we buy this fragrance we can all be as talented and stunning as Jodie herself.

If anyone would like to add any more ingredients to my list, please leave a note below.  Maybe we could send it to her for inspiration.