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Emma Watson has gone for the chop

August 6, 2010

Ok, I’m going to admit that when this picture popped up on my screen I actually gasped and said: “OH. MY GOD.”

And that means I should really re-evaluate my life, I suppose.

But, talk about drastic!  Perhaps it’s an expression of her being liberated from ever having to play Hermione Granger again?  Her way of saying: “Look world, I am a serious actress now. And while you’re at it send a few more high fashion modelling contracts my way please as I clearly possess exquisite bone structure that can pull off any style.”




October 9, 2008

I’m sorry.  I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  Blame it on work, SAD syndrome and beer.  But, I have to say, there are a lot of you guys out there who are seriously obsessed with Emma Watson!  I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats even though I haven’t been writing and thousands have been coming on here just to look at pictures of her smug little face. 

Actually, as much as I slate Hermione, I admit, she really is blossoming onto quite the classy young lady.  No wonder her fan base is big.  They’re obviously all young fashionistas looking for inspiration.  Not pedos looking for the youngest legal bait to perv over.  No, not at all.

Ok Emma, because you look so fab (although not sure about that outfit there) and you’ve stopped doing the annoying facial expressions as much (and because you’re keeping my blog stats high) let’s call a truce.  I’ll stop calling you annoying, for now.

No Keira Knightley, the same does NOT apply to you.  That Chanel advert that keeps playing in the ad breaks of ANTM has ensured you a place on my shit-list forever.


July 7, 2008

Emma Watson in a car with that tosser from Razorlight- all you
search engine weirdos are gonna get here!

Look, I know Emma Watson is annoying as hell, but some people out there seem intent on seeing her in a car accident!  Not cool!

Every day I check my blog stats and every day they tell me that someone has come across my blog by searching for “Emma Watson in car crash” (and the occasional “Emma Watson up skirt car picture” – perverts). 

As, to my knowledge, our friend with the over-acting eyebrows has not been in any sort of crash, I can only guess that whoever is doing this daily search is doing it in the hope that Emma will actually be in a crash?  Sick!  Explain yourselves!

It’s not just Emma Watson either, every now and then I find another celebrity attached to words “car crash”. My blog attracts pervy sicko car crash fetish people! 

Come on car crash pervs, explain what this is about!

Chanel likes actresses with annoying faces

June 17, 2008

Do you remember the good old days when fashion companies used, y’know, models to advertise their goods? Not so much anymore.

Chanel especially likes getting celebrity faces, and I sometimes wonder at the choices they make. First they had the eternally irritating Keira Knightley, whose face is constantly in turbo-pout.

Yeah, we know love, you
have lips.

And now they’ve gone and replaced her with Hermione! Oh my god. Emma Watson. As Chandler Bing would say, could she be any more annoying? Whereas Keira pouts and preens while contorting her boyish frame into forced poses, Emma keeps her features in an infuriating state of snugness.

A face that says: “I’m only 18
and worth millions!”

Hopefully Emma’s contract won’t stretch to TV commercials too. We definitely do not need to hear Hermione’s over-pronounced consonants in between episodes of Britain’s Next top Model (my love! we meet again tonight!). Mind you nothing can be worse than pop-eyed Nicole Kidman’s acting in the Chanel No.5 advert.

Altogether now … “Drive!