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Charlotte Church is pregnant again

June 20, 2008

Charlotte Church is pregnant again, about five minutes after having her first baby. There seems to be an epidemic of pregnancies among youthful celebrities and i really don’t get it. You’re young, you’re rich, you’re famous. You get invited to all the best parties and have a killer body. Basically you have everything going for you. So why the hell succumb to stretchmarks, flatulence and sleepless nights to ruin it all?

Pregnancy looks a bit uncomfortable
to me. I think i’ll wait a bit.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is each individual’s choice and I’m not looking down on young mums – my mum had me when she was 21.  But i’m  a selfish cow and really can’t understand it. I’m a tad older than 22-year-old Charlotte and getting pregnant now would be the equivalent of kissing my life as I know it goodbye.  No more wine and nights out?  No thanks!

But fair enough for Charlotte.  Although the sceptical bitch in me thinks she’s popping them out to keep Gavin (aka the human satsuma) from straying, I also think she’s been a good mum, staying out of the spotlight for a while.

But Ashlee Simpson has really got me skeptical.  That was one baby rumour i did not expect to be true.  Hmm let’s see… controlling father-cum-manager, check.  Shotgun wedding to famous boyfriend, covered by tacky magazine, check.  Album just come out… check please!  Sounds like a mistake they decided to cash in on to me.

After spending so much money
on looking this good, she gets pregnant?

You see it’s alright for celebrities. They pop out a brat, and get a big fat paycheck for grinning at some cameras for half an hour.  When us mere mortals have kids, it’s a financial fiasco.  See, this is why I must bitch about the famous so much.  They get paid to do normal things, like, procreating, and really, a lot of them shouldn’t be encouraged to spawn for the sake of humanity. Yes, Kerry Katona, I’m talking to you.