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Lady Gaga’s grammy dress

February 1, 2010

Of course Lady Gaga wore the most eye catching dress.  Of course.  I’m often torn between admiring her unique style and rolling my eyes at how hard she’s trying to be different, but I have to say, yellow hair aside this Barbarella-cum-Dancing On Ice number is actually really beautiful.

I mean, yeah it’s batshit crazy, but in all seriousness if I made a living from acting the loon as she does, I would totally wear this.  In fact I wish I could wear this, but it doesn’t seem very pub-friendly, especially the big spiky ball thing.



Lily Allen is the next Britney

June 5, 2008

How times have changed.  A few years ago,  when a young starlet was compared to Britney Spears, she would pretend to be annoyed and proceed to trumpet about how her music and look is just so different.  Yeah Christina I mean you.  And the fact you’ve now morphed into a pantomine dame hooker doesn’t let you off.  But anyway, these starlets would secretly be chuffed that their career was going well enough to be compared to the formidable success that was Ms Spears.

Wind forward to today and the next Britney is Lily Allen.  But not because she’s selling millions of records (when was her album anyway, about ten years ago?).  Lily is the next Britney because she is an alcohol-bloated attention-seeking wreck with pink hair.

 Britney Spears in pink wig, unhinged     
 Lily Allen with pink hair, smashed

Both prime car-crash exhibits of what today’s culture can do to a young girl who’s had far too much adulation from an early age.