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Lady Gaga’s grammy dress

February 1, 2010

Of course Lady Gaga wore the most eye catching dress.  Of course.  I’m often torn between admiring her unique style and rolling my eyes at how hard she’s trying to be different, but I have to say, yellow hair aside this Barbarella-cum-Dancing On Ice number is actually really beautiful.

I mean, yeah it’s batshit crazy, but in all seriousness if I made a living from acting the loon as she does, I would totally wear this.  In fact I wish I could wear this, but it doesn’t seem very pub-friendly, especially the big spiky ball thing.



But Beyonce’s always been pale, hasn’t she?

August 8, 2008

Everyone’s talking about this picture of Beyonce, which is part of Loreal’s latest Faria hair colour campaign.  Bloggers are saying her skin tone has been highlighted so much, she looks white.  Well, she sure doesn’t look much like a black person here, it’s true.  But then, when has she ever looked that dark?  She’s always been pale for her ethnicity, see:

Looks pretty much the same colour as in the Loreal ad!

There has also been speculation that they altered her features.  Her nose does look slim, but duh, that would be the nose job!

She’s still really airbrushed though, which is why she looks a tad paler.  When will magazines stop showing us these unrealistic images?  I’m tired of looking at adverts for mascara that have: “false inserts have been placed in model’s own lashes” printed at the bottom.  It basically means the picture gives no representation whatsoever of how well the mascara works.

But back to Beyonce.  If anything else the picture has got a good response from my male colleague of mine who just saw the picture over my shoulder and said: “Cor, I’d like to jump up and down on her!”