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I’ve been infected with royal wedding fever

April 28, 2011


When the world first learned that Prince William and Kate Middleton were to ramshackle themselves to one another for all eternity I was one of those people that rolled their eyes and carried on with her lives because: “Who actually cares?”

Fast forward to the day before the wedding and my first thought on waking up this morning was: “Oh my God, I wonder how Kate is feeling right now?! She’s getting married TOMORROW. Oh my god, what will she wear? What shall I wear? What time should I leave the house? Should I get champagne?!!”

This wasn’t a sudden infection. I wasn’t attacked and bitten. Instead, it slowly seeped into me via osmosis and my membrane is now completely and utterly saturated with – well,¬†acknowledgement¬†that this wedding is a pretty big deal, at least in terms of history.