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Robert Pattinson leaves me speechless yet again

May 29, 2009






Ahem.  Anyway, those are CGI dots all over his ripped, naked, body.  You know, so he’ll “sparkle” in the film.  And… oh, god. 

Nope, no more words.  Just admire.

Wibble again.


RIP Lucy Gordon

May 22, 2009


I admit I’d never heard of Lucy Gordon until she was tragically found hanged in her Paris apartment this week. 

Her biggest claim to fame so far had been a minor part in the latest Spiderman film but apparently her career was just taking off – her last role was playing Jane Birkin and she also starred alongside Audrey Toutou.

We can only wonder at what could have possibly made one so young, beautiful and successful feel the need to take her own life.  Apparently she was devastated over the suicide of a close friend, but there must have been more to her own despair than that. 

She had a boyfriend and a vibrant social life in one of the most glamorous cities in the world.

Goes to show, having looks, fame and money isn’t the key to happiness.

Car Crash Web: feast your eyes on this

May 21, 2009


Every now and again I come across a website or blog that brings on the chuckles at work, resulting in funny looks from the boss.  I’ll start posting some of my favourites on here.

First up is This Is Why You’re Fat.

Basically, it’s just a bunch of pictures that people have sent in of food that is really, really bad for you.  You will never see so much deep fried cheese and meat on one website. 

Is it wrong that I could actually eat half the stuff on there without blinking an eye?


Mmmm…. deep fried creme egg…..