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Gwen Stefani was a fried egg for Halloween

October 28, 2008

Gwen Stefani dressed up like a fried egg when she attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween bash this weekend. I like the way she’s still got a face on that’s saying: “Yeah I’m working this look, fools.  Bow down”.


Car Crash Quotes: Pink

October 21, 2008

I checked into Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, in the summer and I went to see a therapist, telling him I was an alcoholic. He asked me when I’d had my last drink and I couldn’t remember – it had been a few weeks previously. I then read the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) manual cover to cover and we talked. I realized I wasn’t an alcoholic, just someone who likes to get drunk every now and again. I’m trying to work out if that’s a bad thing.

Um.  Isn’t she supposed to be rock and roll?  If she thinks that’s being an alcoholic then I’m George Best’s liver reincarnated. 

Seriously, the last time I could say my last drink was a few weeks ago I was 13.  Oh my God!  I’d better get myself straight to rehab then! 

Celebrities are so desperate sometimes.  It’s like they want to have problems such as alcoholism because they think it makes them look cooler or something.  Sad.  Pink, stick to slating George Bush and campaigning for animal rights.  I like you better that way.

Some pictures don’t need many words…

October 16, 2008

The reaction of the girl on the left really says it all.


October 9, 2008

I’m sorry.  I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  Blame it on work, SAD syndrome and beer.  But, I have to say, there are a lot of you guys out there who are seriously obsessed with Emma Watson!  I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats even though I haven’t been writing and thousands have been coming on here just to look at pictures of her smug little face. 

Actually, as much as I slate Hermione, I admit, she really is blossoming onto quite the classy young lady.  No wonder her fan base is big.  They’re obviously all young fashionistas looking for inspiration.  Not pedos looking for the youngest legal bait to perv over.  No, not at all.

Ok Emma, because you look so fab (although not sure about that outfit there) and you’ve stopped doing the annoying facial expressions as much (and because you’re keeping my blog stats high) let’s call a truce.  I’ll stop calling you annoying, for now.

No Keira Knightley, the same does NOT apply to you.  That Chanel advert that keeps playing in the ad breaks of ANTM has ensured you a place on my shit-list forever.

When celebrities pull stupid faces part 12,8593

October 1, 2008

Whenever J-Lo goes in front of the photographers she always does this stoned-out, slack jawed expression. It’s almost as irritating as Keira Knightley’s pout.  Why do celebrities pull such silly trademark faces?  The narrowed, sleepy eyes that look like they can’t take the weight of her fake eyelashes and the parted lips just begging for a stream of drool to emerge… not a good look.  She’s so much prettier when she smiles.