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September 25, 2008

I stared at this picture for a long time wondering how long it takes Dita Von Teese to leave the house.  The hair, the makeup, the nails, the corsets.  She looks absolutely stunning.  Does she dust her whole body with talcum powder or something though?  Is anyone that pale??

Although, interesting fact of the day, Dita is actually a natural blonde. She pulls the black hair off magnificently. If I dyed my hair that colour I’d look like Oscar the Grouch after someone poured tar in his trash can.

She’s currently hawking her new Wonderbra range.  Would you buy bras from this woman?  I have to say I think I would, but I bet they’re pricy.


Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe are the cool kids

September 11, 2008

Sigh.  Didn’t you just hate the cool kids though?  Especially when they took the piss out of your dungarees and black lipstick.


Fabulous flood fashion

September 8, 2008

It seems to be the second coming of Noah and the ark in the UK.  It just rains and rains and rains.  We’ll get about ten minutes of clear sky and sunshine a day and then the rain carries on.  Welcome to September. 

As a result we have flood warnings.  Well at least we can look er, fabulous in a pair of high heel flipper shoes!

Video of the week

September 6, 2008

So the other day, on the way to work, this song came on the radio and it really made me and my co-worker laugh because the lyrics were so ridiculous.  I had to look it up and it turns out it’s sang by a Jewish guy called Dean Friedman.  While I was looking for it on youtube to blare out and annoy said co-worker (it’s a slow day at work) I came across this parody of the song, that two young men obviously went to a great deal of effort to put together.

I highly suggest you watch this if you like a good laugh.

Watch more of this sort of nonsense here.